10 Inspiring Lyrics About Animal Rights

(One Green Planet) There are a number of songs written and/or performed by animal activists that are, at times, overt with their animal rights intentions, while other songs may be a little more subtle. Many of these activists were vegetarian or vegan at the time of the recording and/or writing, or perhaps they adopted more plant-based diets as a result of their participation in these songs.

Where Do Recently-Elected Politicians Stand on Climate Issues?

(One Green Planet) This year’s mid-term elections for the United States House of Representatives and the Senate saw several important victories for climate advocates, many of whom were LBTQ+ individuals and/or other minorities. Democrats kept the Senate, whereas Republicans took the House by a slim margin. Of course, climate change has been on many voters’ and candidates’ minds, so it’s important to know where recently-elected candidates stand regarding this very important issue.

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Review of “You People”

(Next Best Picture) The romantic comedy “You People” marks “Blackish” creator Kenya Barris’ feature directorial debut and is a modern reinvention of the classic comedy “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.” The film takes the well-known story of an interracial couple whose families just can’t get along and aspires to do something new with it, a mostly unsuccessful feat – save for its take on dating in a world in which Black Lives Matter and other social justice issues are at the forefront of society.

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Harvey Monkey Study Reignites Debate on Animal Testing

(One Green Planet) A recent study completed by Harvard was published in September and made the rounds on social media, reigniting the seemingly never-ending animal testing debate. In Margaret S. Livingstone’s study, the researcher discovered that baby monkeys “form strong and lasting attachments to inanimate surrogates, but only if the surrogate is soft.” The backlash wasn’t immediate, although once it made its way to social media the news spread quickly.

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Meatable’s Plan to Make “Hybrid Meat” Will Combine Lab-Grown Meat and Plant-Based Proteins

(One Green Planet) Lab-grown meat has become increasingly popular, especially as more people are craving the taste and texture of real meat minus the cruelty and harm to the environment. Alternative dairy, meat, and seafood companies have been able to raise quite a bit of money, as these more sustainable food options pique the interest and curiosity of investors worldwide. One notable company, Meatable, aims to fast-track its product to market by combining lab-grown meat with plant-based proteins, thereby making “hybrid meat.”

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The Poor Air Quality of Indoor Buildings in the United States

(One Green Planet) Indoor air quality in buildings across the United States is fairly poor, and not where it should be, despite improvements made in recent years. About 90 percent of our days are spent inside during the cooler months, so it’s no surprise that people are getting sick, and it’s not from COVID, flu, or any other seasonal virus.

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Gifts for Hikers with Dogs: 9 Great Gift Ideas

(Fit Finds Today) Do you have a significant other, friend or family member who enjoys hiking with their dog? Whether it’s for the holidays, birthdays or any other similar celebration, it’s always a good time to shop for gifts, especially for the canine-loving hiker in your life.

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Mystic Spring Quartet’s ‘Notes for Ukraine’ to Aid Refugees

(The Westerly Sun) During the dark days of the pandemic, the Mystic String Quartet yearned to do an in-person performance. Once Russia invaded Ukraine, the leaders of the group knew they had a perfect pretense to get back out on the circuit: a benefit concert. 

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Why is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness banned in Saudi Arabia?

(Culturess) Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the long-anticipated sequel to 2017’s Doctor Strange, which featured Benedict Cumberbatch’s surgeon-turned-sorcerer, will be released May 6, 2022. However, there has been some controversy as of late, as Saudi Arabia has officially banned the film from being released there and in other Gulf countries.

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Fraternity Communication for Virtual Retreats

(OmegaFi) With the recent ongoing coronavirus pandemic, fraternities and sororities will need to find new ways to engage in fraternity communication while everyone is off-campus. Virtual retreats can be a great way to engage in effective, solid fraternity communication at this moment in time. 

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